I can’t believe I watched the whole thing: The Godfather Epic


The Godfather Epic, also known as The Godfather Saga, Mario Puzo’s The Godfather: The Complete Epic 1901-1959 and Do You Have 7 Hours You Need to Kill?, is the smashing together of the first two Godfather films, re-edited to appear in chronological order, and with just around forty minutes’ worth of deleted scenes restored to it.  It also carries the subtitle, “A Novel for Television” which is actually pretty apt, in that the restoration of the deleted scenes provide a deeper, more novelistic investment into the goings-on.  It works in this format as an interesting experiment, and I feel like every big fan of The Godfather should do this once, to dedicate 7 hours to watching the damned saga, because it really is a truly different way to view the story, in a way you’ve never seen before, but it’s not the best format to watch the films in.  Obviously, their original formats, as two separate films, with excess fat and deleted scenes, trimmed, in order to have the tightest versions of the story possible, but watching The Godfather Epic and dedicating a length of time that amounts to what’s pretty much an entire work shift is a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Instead of watching Super Bowl LI, my girlfriend and I watched The Godfather Epic and it was an endurance test after a bit.  I think my state of mind went something like this:

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