Edge of Tomorrow


It took Tom Cruise a long time, a damn long time to live down the disastrous year that was 2005.  There were couches to be jumped on, postpartum depression to be criticized in the name of Scientology and assholes like Matt Lauer to be called glib (which is only incorrect in that glibness implies that Matt Lauer is only insincere… insincerity is the least of that guy’s problems).  It was hard to remember that there was a time when this Tom Cruise guy was considered charming, that he was the kind of guy people wanted to see in a movie… that he was nominated for three Oscars.

Edge of Tomorrow is a reminder that, yes, Tom Cruise has legitimate talent, despite the fact that he might… you know, be a little crazy.  He’s talented, he’s a goddamn workhorse and he does insane stunts on his own.

edge of tomorrow
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