Twin Peaks: The Return


How often does a decades-too-late sequel, reunion or follow-up ever work out?  It does, sometimes.  Fury Road, the fourth Mad Max movie, for example, was the fun bit of mayhem everyone expected it to be.  Usually, though, the results are something more like the second Dumb and Dumber… not terrible, but something better left alone.  The problem is that the characters are old now.  You look at Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey goofing around and you’re like, man, this is all kind of sad.

Twin Peaks had an excellent first season, a second season that started off great, got lost along the way, and found itself near the end—too late for audiences, because the show was canceled.  A movie was made, but the movie was not interested in wrapping up loose ends, and was instead a prequel.  People hated it.

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