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My name is Billy Russell and I was raised in a video store.  Roughly from birth, to being potty trained, all the way up to about 9 years old, I spent a good chunk of time with my mom at the video store she managed in the small town of Anza, CA and this, I think, is what is responsible for my obsession with film and pop culture. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I live in downtown Phoenix with my girlfriend Yolie of 7 years and my cat Frida of 6 years.


My other reviews and essays can also be found at The Ghost Diaries and Moviejawn.

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  1. Cassie


    I didn’t know your mom worked at the video store. I loved going to the video store. I remember being too short for the front counter and would have to kind of climb and hold myself up. Ahh Anza memories. Miss you!! Just creeping on your page. I’m definitely going to see Annihilation now.

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