New Orleans 2014


For five days and four nights, Yolie and I visited New Orleans to see what it had to offer.  It’s truly a magical city and one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to.

The video above is only a small sampling of what we did while we were there.  I chose the Philip Glass composition Houston Skyline because it seemed appropriate for a largely dialogue-less video to have music by the guy who scored Koyaanisqatsi and because I did go through Houston on my trip.  Twice.

Every meal, pretty much, that I had in New Orleans was incredible.  I had barbeque twice (it was that good), shrimp and grits, crawfish etouffee and some of Yolie’s jambalaya, which was so good I wanted to steal it and shove the entire thing into my face.

I stayed at the India House Hostel and would recommend it to anyone who comes through, regardless of budget, as they offer private rooms too.  Just, whatever you do, don’t come during World Cup season like I did, because those soccer hooligans will dominate every television with that shit at all hours.

To always remind myself of the time we spent there, I got a tattoo on Friday the 13th of Marie Laveau (her tomb, the one with all the X’s, is in the video).  It was my first tattoo and I was embarrassingly nervous before I got seated.  My hands were trembling, for god’s sake.  I’m a wuss.

One day, I will be back.  The food and the booze is too good to stay away from for too long.  Whenever I do, though, I’ll sure as hell make sure it’s not 100 degrees out and muggy as shit.  Or I’ll just buy a damn hankie to keep wiping my face off with.

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3 thoughts on “New Orleans 2014

  1. Jenny

    You should have taken advantage of the heat and humidity by mustering up your best southern twang and asking your bartender, “Pardon me, proprietress, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the dignity of your fine establishment would suffer too much if I were to remove some of my superfluous outer garments?” And then if she said, “uh, go ahead,” you should have stripped down to your underwear.

  2. Jenny

    Just be an extremely polite, well-spoken, genteel Southerner who is also insane. Pour a cafe au lait in your wide brimmed summer hat then put it on your head, tip your hat at the waitress, and leave. “Ma’am.”

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