After Midnight (1989)


Anthology horror movies have always been hit-or-miss, but are always sort of irresistible for the Halloween season. They perfectly capture that feeling of sitting around a campfire and having a talented storyteller (or two, or three, or four) spin a couple yarns that ends in a somewhat predictable twist.

After Midnight is about as dumb as a movie can get, but it never makes the fateful error of taking itself too seriously–or seriously at all, for that matter. It’s a silly excuse to get people together to tell stories that are supposedly true within that universe, for the purpose of taking a college class that’s all about the nature of fear. The professor fakes a suicide in the middle of a class and everyone in attendance is just sort of like, “Eh, that was weird.” The professor does, however, make the mistake of scaring a stupid jock to the point of pissing his pants and he’s out for revenge in the wrap-around storyline from which all the other stories flow.

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