“Something Evil” – Spielberg’s forgotten horror movie


After The Exorcist, the film, came out in 1973, studios and filmmakers were in a mad rush to capitalize on its success. If you look at any given horror title from ’73 through to about ’76, it might have to deal with demonic possession or Satan or some sort of ritualistic anything that could link itself stylistically or thematically back to the granddaddy of them all The Exorcist.

But, in 1972, the book was a hot property, too. And before the slew of imitators that appeared in the movie’s wake, a little-seen movie made that same year was made to retroactively cash-in on the movie’s success. That movie was Something Evil. The story itself is rather simple, and simply told. A married couple (played by Darren McGavin and Sandy Dennis) move into a house, a lovely house out in the country, that is infested with demons. And the demons want to destroy the family, wrecking their emotions and turning them against one another, before finally possessing the soul of their little boy (played by Johnny Whitaker, a famous child star at the time).

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