VideoBilly’s Top Ten Movies in 2016


There are still lots of movies I want to see that came out in 2016 but haven’t had a chance to, or haven’t gotten around to yet, but here are my ten favorites out of what I’ve seen.  And I’m just glad that there were some damn good movies that came out this year because holy shit was 2016 shitty.  Jesus fucking Christ what an awful, awful year from hell.


Barry Jenkins’ film adaptation of the play written by Tarell Alvin McCraney is incredibly powerful stuff.  It’s one of those movies you see popping up on everyone’s best-of lists and you wonder, “Is Moonlight really going to be that good?”  Yes.  The answer is yes.  It’s stronger in parts than as a whole (some of it doesn’t congeal together from one segment to the next), but some moments of the film are so strikingly beautiful, or just so absolutely perfectly written that it more than makes up for some of its very, very minor shortcomings.  Mahershala Ali’s performance, in particular, is the stuff that super-stardom is made of.

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