Sam Simon and His Contribution to “The Simpsons”


Without hyperbole, The Simpsons is a top-contender as being “The Funniest TV Show of All Time.” What show is as endlessly quotable over 25 years after it first premiered? Even today, modern memes mirror events happening in the news (Ant Overlords; Snowpocalypse’s 0 death-count to mock a media overreaction to everyday events).

When the show began, there were three people responsible for its birth: Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and Sam Simon.

Matt Groening knew cartoons. James L. Brooks knew how to tell a story. Sam Simon bridged the two worlds by using cartoons to tell a story that was laden with humor, heart and the ability to tell stories that no other medium on television could do. The Simpsons could tell huge stories live action couldn’t, because of production costs, and appeal to an incredibly broad audience just by being as funny as it could possibly be. Watch an episode of The Simpsons and try to count how many gags there are in just one scene.

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