Top 10 Most Anticipated in Horror for 2015


Der Samurai

This movie sounds batshit insane.  Motorcycle gangs, dress-wearing young men wielding katanas.  Somehow, according to those who’ve seen and loved it, it all comes together and is not only amazingly coherent and terrifying, but one of the best in horror for the year.

Goodnight Mommy

Co-directed and co-written by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, Goodnight Mommy is a story of mistaken, or the suspicion of false, identity. Twin brothers begin to doubt that their mother is who she claims to be when she returns home after cosmetic surgery, covered in bandages.

Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson and Sig Haig in a Wild West period piece about cave-dwelling cannibalistic nasties. It’s either going to be the the best or the worst movie to come out in 2015 and, either way, I’m excited as hell to see it.


Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead scored great success in their mind-bending Resolution.  Their next feature length flick together, Spring, looks just as promising.  Over the years, many directors have tried and failed to emulate H.P. Lovecraft, but this outing looks to have the perfect balance of fear and mystery for literal existence of monsters.

Ex Machina

Alex Garland is a usual scribe, with great success, under the direction of Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Sunshine).  On his very first directorial outing, Ex Machina promises to be a terrifying look at the implications of artificial intelligence.


Cub looks like it took the cliched setting of a camp for horror and completely rewrote the expectations for what would befall the innocent victims of the violence, when a group of Boy Scouts must fight for their lives against a feral boy, his father, and a forest that’s been rigged with deadly traps.

Crimson Peak

Whenever Guillermo del Toro announces he has a new anything coming out, the nerd-universe will squee because he has a track record, especially with horror, that’s just about impossible to rival.  Crimson Peak will be his first directed entry in the horror genre since 2006’s brilliant Pan’s Labyrinth, and I hope it delivers on his past success of combining macabre thrills with classically melodramatic plotting.


Sometimes the most terrifying movies are the most plausible ones.  Backcountry tells the true story (take “based on a true story” claims with a grain of salt) a young couple who get lost in the Canadian wilderness.  When they realize that they’re being hunted, their fear over being lost becomes something else as they have to fight for their survival.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night has been described as a feminist-western-horror movie, which also happens to be directed by a woman and from Iran. It’s also been described as a masterpiece in modern storytelling with perfect setups to terror with unexpected payoffs.

It Follows

It Follows has been called, without hyperbole, one of the absolute finest horror movies to come out in years.  Boasting a unique visual storytelling method, it has the potential to be one of the most visceral pieces of terror, up in the ranks of total redefinitions of the genre like the original Halloween or The Blair Witch Project.  Director David Robert Mitchell has set it in a time and place that is timeless and undefinable, like a modern fairy tale… a cautionary tale that plays on STD hysteria and horror movie tropes about teenagers and sex.

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